Getting started with platform

Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Register as a platform to Doorhub. Your account may take 24-48 hours to activate. Wants to activate immediately? contact us
  2. Once your account is activated and validated, you can login to Doorhub dashboard, which is a test environment There you can find your TEST API key.
  3. Doorhub provides two API keys
    • Test API key: Usually this provides the developers to start with the integration and testing the system integrations before go to live.
    • Live API key: this is the key that should be used when the real orders to be delivered. Only can be used when the integration is successful and verified by Doorhub and activated. this key maybe not seen at the dashboard before activation. Only shown when its agreed from both(Doorhub and platform) side to start.

Here is an overview of the integration process steps for platform.

  1. Review our platform API documentation and platform integration details documentation, implement and complete the integrations, you will find all the required information and data from the test environment dashboard.

  2. Once integration with the test key is done, contact Doorhub to activate / generate LIVE key, once live key is activated you can see that into the live dashboard. Please switch your key from TEST key to LIVE key.

  3. You can check and see the orders in LIVE dashboard.