Beta launch in copenhagen!

July 25, 2018

First, consider this: What do you know about deliveries in Copenhagen or Denmark in general? Yes, possible nothing or maybe you do know something but you adverse it as the blue government owned company. Well, maybe the thing is that there is no more to know than that. Let’s be honest, we know some delivery companies including the blue government owned company. As a company owner, which I assume you are since you are interested, (if you aren’t, then you must find this subject interesting and therefore please continue reading), and owner of products that you sell either online or in store the delivery bell must have ring a couple of time. Either you want to deliver your product(s) or already doing it. Your very small research always take you the same place: No fast delivery, no same day delivery and no satisfaction. In addition, I Agree. No such thing exist or wait..? Well, a little bit of research tells me that fast delivery or same day delivery costs between 300-800 DKK. I would not consider that as a price to pay if I am selling for instance flowers or clothes online. And It still does not matter if I am the one paying or my customer. The prices of fast delivery is just simply too much to pay. Okay, I’ll get to the point now. Yes, a new delivery company named Doorhub is going to change it. How, you may ask. Doorhub is a Copenhagen based startup delivering all kind of products you as an owner are selling. Whether you have a small shop or the CEO of a +1000 employee company, Doorhub are delivering your products the same day the order arrives and within 60 minutes. The prices? All between 49-99 DKK.

Copenhagen based delivery startup launches beta test

So let us reconsider it. For now, or before today, as a company owner whom are interested in shipping an order to the customer, the prices for same day delivery and fast delivery (very relative as I consider fast delivery as maximum 60 minutes) is between 300-800 DKK. From today, as a company owner whom are interested in shipping an order to the customer the prices are between 49-99 DKK. Can we at least agree to one thing? There are something to change here, right?

Wait, don’t answer it yet. I have more.

Remember I told you about satisfaction, right after telling you about fast delivery and same day delivery. Well, I haven’t forgot. Here’s the thing. At Doorhub they call it: GPS live tracking of your orders, because that’s what it is. Real live tracking of your order. Not only for you, but also for your customer. Both of you, whom I would consider the two most important participants of a sell and buying process, now have the ability to real life live tracking on a map through your device. Therefor I call it satisfaction. No more SMS updates with “Track your order through the link and then all what you see is this; Order shipped from company store”. If I could laugh through my keyboard, I would, but honestly. Is that tracking?

So, what have we learned yet? To summit one could argue that with this new delivery start up, it is better than the already existing solutions in many aspects. But, how can we really understand the brand identity of Doorhub. As I see it, their existence is due to the incompetence of others. They are not saviors but rather agreed to change the delivery market. Also, as they say it, imagine the unfair competition between being an owner of a physical store compared to webshop owner. In relation to the delivery market of ones products, who do you think has most advantage? Obviously the physical store, because as a customer you can have your product by going to the store and simply buy it. You will have your order right away. On the other hand, when you order online through webshops, the possibilities of ordering on demand is so rare and expensive that one simply choosing the next best deal which is either the next day (in some cases) or 1-5 days of waiting. So, what Doorhub really tries to is, for you as an owner, to create a fair competition between webshop and physical store. You can say it is their core identity. Maybe by now, it is obvious for you that I AM a fan of the concept. Question is, will you be?