The value of delivery!

Sep 25, 2018

So, here we go again. I’ve already in earlier blogs talked about the fundament of delivering ones product to the end user. With you, I would like to discuss some areas regarding delivery, but as you as a person and as an owner of either a webshop or physical store. Let’s get started!

Copenhagen based delivery startup launches beta test

My first point is talking to you as a person. Have you ordered online or ordered in a physical store where you either had one of these thoughts: Is it really necessary to go all the way down/out to the store to get the product I need? Or, is it really the truth that I will have to wait up to five days just to get this simple delivery? If you’re able to answer no, then I would at first start reminding you that the year today is 2018 and of course you should’ve tried this. Is this a live matter issue? No, not at all. However, we live in a society where you as a person have higher demands than ever before and I promise you this one fact, next year your demands will be higher, period. That’s how it is, that’s how we develop and that’s how we want it to be. So if we can agree on these terms we can continue. So, you as a person is a “demander” and the aforementioned questions are now been asked by you. How do we meet those expectations which they in reality is. Lets have an example. I want to buy a toothbrush along with toothpaste, right. I’am at work or in school finishing some real life mattering issues. I knew, that yesterday night and today morning I didn’t brush my teeth because I didn’t have the materials (I’ve forgot them at my girlfriends home or left them at my parents or my dog ate them) when I wanted it. Do I really have to go and buy these simple, much valuable, materials on my way home or need to wait up to five more days when ordering online? Come on, that’s not who we are anymore. We don’t want to go to the supermarket on our way home. We just want to do it the fastest and easiest way, which is online. So, in order to get my toothbrush delivered when I’am home I would like to have the opportunity and the only way to that is when such companies provide it

Now, to you as a company owner. How easy would it be for you to just ship your order and know that it will get out of your system in just 60 minutes. That’s the way of on demand delivery. Actually, in your own work nothing has changed. The real change is what your customer experience, firstly, the time factor. Secondly, the transparency in which you are providing for your customer. If we just for a moment directs our focus on this part, we may discover something really needed. As you have the opportunity to track your order live on the map, parallelly you know if an order you shipped is missing, late or if everything is just working perfectly. This meaning that you in fact, when your customer calls for a question about their order, you will have the actual ability to answer them with anything other than: “Oh, that's not good to hear, can you please call xxxx, because they are delivering your order”. When your customer actually gets an answer about where the order is on earth they will automatically give you the credit since you are the one answering their question but furthermore the one whom are providing them this service.

I Hope you enjoyed reading this. If you can’t agree with all of it, then at least i hope you can agree with some of it. Either way, I think that we in Copenhagen or anywhere else need an on demand delivery company that makes live smooth and easy so it meets mine, yours and everybody's expectations.