We are available all days of the week. You can have a chat with us. You can call us, and you can send us mails. Every day from 11-22. Below you can see frequently asked questions.

How far do you deliver?

Based on our agreement with you, we decide together how far you wish your products to be delivered.

How do you contribute to the climate ?

Besides that we climate compensate 100% of our deliveries, we also tries via our technology to deliver orders directly without detours.

How can we use your service ?

Great to hear that you are ready to start with us!You can contact us here then we will setup a call, where we can discuss your needs.

Where is your service available ?

We are in 4 countries and +11 cities, but as we speak, we are expanding to other European countries.

What does it cost to use Doorhub ?

There is no costs of using Doorhub, besides the successful deliveries. That price is determined on your order volume and location.

Who are your drivers?

Our drivers are educated Doorhub drivers. They choose, if they want to be contractors or employed. They are polite, professional with a positive attitude.