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Steps to become driver

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  2. Accept invitation
    Attend to an introduction meeting
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The work as freelancer

First mile partners is assigned for specific routes, once you have shifts. Normally delivering using Van or extra sized cars, while you will receive atleast 50 orders for a route. You does not deliver direct to customers, but you collect from warehouses and dropoff to our hub partners. The salary is higher working as First Mile partner.

The work as Last Mile partner is bit more flexible. Go online when you like to and earn extra pr drop or plan ahead your week and book a shift with a minimum salary. If you earn extra then we pay extra. You do deliveries in car, scooter, bike or electronic scooters. Deliveries is normally into a specific zone you work inside.

Earn extra pr. drop. We are combining the First & Last mile processes together. We have made it possible to deliver much possible orders to reach more money.

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Things you need

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  • Vehicle Your own car, scooter, bike or electronic bike
  • Smartphone A Smartphone Android (4.4 or above) / iOS (9.0 or above)
  • Criminal record Your criminal record need to be clean