Service because it matters

With Doorhubs return flow, your customers stay in charge. They can choose when they wants the returns to be collected. Doorhubs return software can be integrated as a single service into your systems.

Service because it counts

Your customers journey doesn’t end with the purchase – it also matters when they want to return the purchase

Hassle-free returns

With Doorhubs return, you customer choose when they want their items returned. We collect at your customers request.

Winback your customers

Your customers are more likely to return to your shop, if they get a good return experience.

Transparent return

More than 50% of your customers abundant in the checkout because of limited return options. With Doorhubs return service your customer gets:

Image Description Image Description

1-hour time slot for pickup

Tracking of collection & drop off.

Updates when the items are returned

Return all days of the week

Not necessary with label

Optional to use SMS code instead of labels*

SMS updates

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